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Chery A3 to enter Taiwan market, locally tested

June 02, 2009

Shanghai, June 2 ( Chery Auto is set to sell its cars in Taiwan and the Chery A3 has passed the crash test of Taiwan's Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC), the car company said Monday.

Both the front and side crash tests have exceeded Taiwan ARTC's safety standards, which are based on the European Union's regulations. Judging by the C-NCAP (mainland China's New Car Assessment Program), Chery A3 has got 14.76 points (of the top 16 points) in the side crash test and full 16 points in the front crash test.

ARTC is the only auto crash testing center in Taiwan and has strict safety standards. Chery Auto has its cars crash-tested by ARTC ahead of introducing them to the island's auto market. The test would assure Taiwan's consumers of the safety of Chery cars.

Taiwan's Shengrong Auto, a subsidiary of Prince Motors, has confirmed its cooperation with Chery Auto in selling Chery cars in Taiwan. Shengrong may assemble Chery models at local factories and sell the models through its own sales outlets.

Chery A3 cars will be the first bunch of Chery cars to sell in Taiwan, and later Chery Auto's Riich G6 and Riich G5 will also enter the Taiwan market.
121 - 140 of 161 Posts