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According to Google Translate Chinese article is mentioning the facelift of current generation Mazda6.

As Mazda 's flagship in the current car, the Mazda 6, Rui-wing design with dynamic fluid appearance and excellent chassis tuning by the consumers. Prior overseas edition of the Core-wing in the March 2010 Geneva Motor Show to launch a small change models. Recently, according to internal sources, the domestic Mazda Rui-wing is preparing facelift.

Appearance, the domestic models the latest changes will move closer towards overseas, the vehicle's grille, front bumper, small-amplitude changes. In addition, the interior materials will be a certain style upgrade, from 6 experienced horse facelift, the new Core-wing matt interior trim panels from the current bright surface of the material into.

Increased safety on the emergency brake with a reminder function. According to internal sources, the post-facelift Core wing will be equipped with European version of the Core-wing 17-inch wheels, as for whether to replace the high-performance tires sport tires need to be further confirmed. SKY is currently equipped with a new car engine will still not sure, need to wait for official news. Little change is expected to paragraph Rui Yi will officially go on sale later this year.

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Re: 2008 FAW Mazda 6

Many of the car has been changed till now. I noticed this car few years earlier and I thought that this car doesn't have too much of name then how would it attract the people towards itself and guess I was wrong. It just not only attracted the people but also showed its enhanced performance and great exteriors as well as interiors.
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