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My God the truck is a copy of the GM Colorado/ Isuzu D-Max, the front end looks like a horrible VW concept that was a re-hash of the Nissan NX-1600 / Mazda mx-3 of the early 90's. I thought the design trend was towards large headlights & grille, I also thought developing markets wanted substantial front and rear bumpers on their pickups. Their Toyota clone would be intresting if it had a re-engineered R-22 engine(you know the one that made Toyota FAMOUS!) not the less reliable 4G63.

The cars, blatant knock off's of Toyota's/Scion's, why not just buy Toyotas for the shows, change the bumpers and stick your emblems on them.

Toyota worry.... naaa, they can keep the cars (which will not meet crash standards anyhow) out of their vital markets with their Lawyers, and I've personally had a run in with their legal department over a car accessory I was marketing, the experiance made a mildly invasive surgical procedure sound like fun. We reached an agreement and they understood I was not competing with any of their product line, still not fun. Besides Toyota/Honda/Ford/Suzuki/Nissan/Fiat/Renault/Hyundai and yes GM(order intended) are all competing with each other designs are always advancing, so by the time GW brings its Toyota clones to market, Toyota will be introducing new updated versions, leaving GW dealers selling "new" cars that look "used", this is the reason every successful manufacturer seeks to create a brand identity.

As an aside the major manufacturers here in the US are back in Washington and working to place design patents on aftermarket sheetmetal body parts, bumpers and lights in an attempt to control the sale and distribution of crash parts.

Also just out of curiosity why at the major auto shows (outside of China of course) do the Chinese always have members of their secret police looming around their stands. Come on, no one is here to copy your designs, and it does creep some people out. And don't tell me they are security, executives or from the embassy, their jackets should be cut a little looser for better concealment ;)
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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