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Me too.....

Hey, I'm ALL for this..............I've had first hand experience with Beijing taxis and it is NOT a pretty thing. Now, to be fair...........

The MAJORITY (as in 70% or so) of the taxis are no problem - drivers are fairly polite, the cars are clean and they can speak enough english to get you where you want to go. It's that other 30% that Beijing is cracking down on - and the news articles are NOT exaggerating!! We're going thru the same thing here in Nanning and it IS making a positive difference (not to mention the fact that a lot of the old, clunky taxis are being replaced with nice new Hyundai Elantras). Almost ALL major cities in China are doing this now, but Beijing is by far the most assertive when it comes to getting these changes implemented.

Beijing is "under a microscope" right now due to the Olympics, and there will be a lot of media attention paid to all the changes happening in the city right now............but the fact is that these kinds of changes are happening ALL over China right now. What is so fascinating is watching how the different generations react to all of is amazing for me to be a first hand witness at this point in China's history!!:thumb:
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