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2009 FAW Toyota RAV 4

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FAW will soon start producing Toyota RAV4 in China in order to reduce the price of this worldwide-popular SUV. Currently, an imported RAV 4 costs 350,000rmb for the top model. Domestically made RAV4 should be priced considerably less, making it more competitive with sales leader Honda CRV.

The SUV market, despite recent blips in sales, is still increasing at a rapid rate. Toyota’s rivals, Honda, Toyota, Kia, and Hyundai, all have Chinese made vehicles on the market in China. An entry into the domestically made SUV market will surely guarantee that Toyota will have a car in nearly every segment of the market.

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Re: 2009 Toyota RAV 4

looks very nice...nice pics Martin

but for the same competitive price,, id prefer honda crv
FAW Toyota launches RAV4 SUV to market.

April 10, 2009 - FAW Toyota launched its RAV4 SUV to the Chinese market this afternoon. The new car comes with 10 models, priced between 189,800 yuan ($27,800) and 264,300 yuan.

The Toyota RAV4, which rolled off the production line at FAW Toyota in Tianjin early las week, is a mini SUV which shares the same platform with Corolla. This SUV is powered by 2.0L or 2.4L engine and equipped with a 5-speed transmission.

Up to now, Toyota has been selling the imported four-door version of RAV4 at a starting price of 310,000 yuan. The imported model is the third-generation RAV4 with standard and luxury versions, both powered by the same 2.4LVVT-I engine as Camry. Now the imported RAV4 SUV model is sold at a discount to make room for the locally made model.

China's SUV market is booming at a rapid rate. The RAV4 will certainly help Toyota fill a gap in China's low-cost SUV segment that appears to be controlled solely by its rivals. The previous Toyota SUV made in China is the full-sized Toyota Prado, built in the FAW-Sichuan factory, and sold with a very high price tag.

The China-made Toyota RAV4 ("Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive") SUV will compete with Dongfeng Honda's CRV in the Chinese market, where Toyota plans to sell 50,000 units of the RAV4 this year.

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What is the difference between Chinese made Toyota RAV4 and Imported? I know labor is cheap in china but do they compromise on quality? If I am not from china and want to buy a car Toyota car it would be better for me to buy from china rather than buying from Japan. Am I right ?
RAV 4 @ 2011 Shanghai is amazing. I never believe they will do RAV 4 so good looking like this! Congratulations!
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