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Very nice.

From gasgoo
Great Wall Motor, a Chinese automaker that has been making and selling mid- and low-end SUVs, is to launch a high-end luxury SUV model, codenamed Hover H7, at the 2009 Shanghai auto show later this month, said today.

A technician of the Chinese SUV-maker revealed that the Hover H7 SUV will be powered by the 3.0L V6 engine, featuring the 6-speed automatic transmission and full-time 4-wheel drive technology, with top speed of 225km. The ABS+EBD, ESP, and other safety configurations will provide safe and comfortable driving experience.

The Hover H7 is a self-developed luxury SUV model of Great Wall Motor. The company said that the high-end SUV will no longer be the preserve of global automakers or their joint ventures in China. The launch of the Hover H7 will testify to Great Wall Motor's strong expertise in SUV making.

Great Wall Motor has not announced the price of this luxury Hover SUV or the date of putting it into mass-production.

The company plans to display 12 own-brand models at the upcoming 2009 Shanghai auto show. Three Great Wall SUVs still being developed will make their public appearance at the event.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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