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Re: 2009 Honda City

Just saw this for the first time last night here in was parked on the street so I had the chance to do a walkaround.

Quick impressions: it is BIG - bigger than it seems in photos. The old City was similar in dimensions to the Fit (as far as length, wheelbase, etc.), but the new City seems more like a slightly smaller version of the Civic - think of the Civic slightly squashed at each end, and you have the new City!:lol: It is a attractive car on the outside - I think it has a slightly more 'agressive' stance than the Civic.....perhaps the 'slightly squashed' look is a good thing!! A nice blend and balance of all elements - a VERY nice looking car all around. I look forward to seeing the interior soon....maybe even a test drive?

I think what Honda needs to look at now is the bottom end of the market - let's get a 50-60,000rmb Honda sub-compact here in China!! They have some GREAT little Kei Cars in Japan like the Life and Zest (yes those ARE car names) - put a 1.0 liter in there, build it in China and and keep the price in the 50,000rmb range (a little more with all the options) ..........a nice entry level Honda that would be perfect for the crowded city streets of China. There might not be much of a profit margin per car, but it builds a whole new legion of Honda owners that will most likely upgrade to a bigger Honda for their next car! Think about it Honda - if Suzuki can do it with the new Alto, you can do it too. Toyota is trying with the Yaris, but it's too pricey. Nissan? Nothing. The subcompact market in China is turning into the hottest, most competitive segment of the market - I think Honda NEEDS to get in the game because they have products that would work VERY well within that market segment. Come on Honda - what are you waiting for?!?:nod:
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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