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2009 Soueast concept cars

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Soueast will introduce at the Auto Shanghai 2009 the 'hatchback crossover' V4 concept car. These are the first official sketches.

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First rendering:

Translated via Google
South East's first self-branded products Automotive V3 Yuet Ling after the listing, the market has been very good performance, it also enhanced research and development of South East Automotive walk the road of self-confidence. In the forthcoming opening of the Shanghai International Motor Show, the South East there will be a car located in the V3 Ling Yue on the hatchback hatchback sedan, this car is code-named V4. Before the Auto-line exposure of the site first hand V4 graphics products, many consumers this is also very interested in cars. Today, V4 product design renderings of the new once again take the lead exposure.

From the design can be seen, V4 vehicle ready to be launched full of strength, a solid body full, body full of power lines, just big flowing with its hatchback shape echoes the duck with the tail end of the flow characteristics of line the trend of great tension and shape of the wheel hub, Sophie in the show with just the dynamic atmosphere. The fine detail right car, the former face of the Eagle Eye with a sharp-style lanterns, integrated water tank guard, combined with the personality of popular avant-garde design elements, emitting a stylish and aggressive nature of both. V4 great tension in the round arc shape, texture to create a highly explosive dynamic visual tension.

Following the hot-selling as a model V3 southeast car after Yuet Ling own brand products in the continuation and perfection of line, V4 has been completely out of line V3 design Yuet Ling is the combination of independent innovation southeast car brand with the international research and development resources highly the next flu models. V4 beyond traditional stereotypes of cars, trying to make scientific and technological convenience and driving fun into one, integrated into a new sports car of the "fast back" (Fastback) vehicle design concepts, more dynamic and powerful vehicle with power, innovation achieved by the use of space diversity, and integration of spatial SUV, so avant-garde fun driving pleasure with the spacious comfort of the high-security features of the manifestation of a more perfect. On the other hand, V4 also adding more elements such as energy saving and environmental protection, the South East highlights the vehicle's design ideas and future trends.

V4 current R & D has entered the fast lane, according to the South East Automotive-related sources, national energy plan to revitalize the automobile industry of the new energy automotive clear development goals, the South East in the next car will also be in the R & D and manufacturing to increase the input of new energy sources, not V4 will be excluded from the development of new energy technologies, products may.
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Re: Soueast V4 (V3 Lingyue hatchback)

There was already a thread about the V4 Concept:
The car in the first post of this thread is obviously a different car (the V3 HS).
What chances to see this concept finally as a production car? The first so called independetly developed car from SouEast?
is this concept car now out in the market? the design of the Soueast car is great though... nice sketch btw...
great design, but any update if this is becoming a reality?
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