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Beijing Hyundai RC to make world premiere at Beijing show

Beijing Hyundai’s next A0 model RC, an internal code for the follow-up model to the Verna, will make its world premiere at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show this month and be officially launched in July this year. By then, the company will have two models i.e. Verna and ‘RC’. in the A0 market.

In 2009, Beijing Hyundai sold 570,000 vehicles,an easy completion of the 550,000-unit annual goal adjusted in the middle of the year. With such a success, the company set a sales goal of 700,000 units for 2010. On April 8, the company launched the new SUV ix35, which was developed by the Design Center in Frankfurt, Germany and specialized for the European market. However, the model is only a trial for the company to bang the market in that there will be more new models to enter the market soon after fulfilling the company’s market segment.

On April 8, Yuan Wenxue, Minister of the Beijing Hyundai Technology Center said to reporters that the A0 model RC will debut at the Beijing Auto Show and go on sale in July, adding that although it shares the same platform with Verna, has longer wheelbase, is positioned above the Verna, and will coexist with Verna in the market after its July launch, the company will consider stop producing Verna if RC’s sales are really good.

1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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