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The next generation Toyota Prius has been spotted out testing in China, the Prius is currently in production via the FAW-Toyota JV in North East China, and has not seen spectacular sales since its launch.

The Prius biggest short coming is its high price of around 200,000rmb to 250,000rmb, making it a perfect car for the wealthy green conscious consumer. On the other hand, a 1.6L car will cost anything 60,000rmb to 120,000rmb, a 1.8 compact sedan will be anything from 110,000 to 180,000rmb and 2.5-3.0L V6 sedans are in the 200,000 to 300,000rmb sector, but Toyota are bringing a 99hp 1.8l hybrid into the market and are wondering why its not gaining many sales.

Pricing aside, the Prius does have an important part to play in showing Chinese consumers that driving a car needn’t be a wasteful exercise, and due to government subsidies of upto 50,000rmb the Prius could actually become quite a bargain should the price of fuel shoot up to 10rmb or more in the next few years. The issue of price is still a major stumbling block, the 2010 Prius starts at around 140,000rmb in the Japanese market, but the Chinese built version costs over 100,000rmb more? Perhaps FAW-Toyota really need to rethink this one.

Green car fans can expect to see this car on the road in the first quarter of 2010, pricing is not expected to change much from the old model.

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