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2010 SAIC green concept cars

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The Bejing Autoshow is just around the corner. Chinese giant SAIC will show a concept car called "Ye Zi" (叶子), which means literally "Leaf". This car that doesn't have zero emissions, but "negative" emissions. Powered by solar, wind and other renewable energy sources, it is also capable of producing energy by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2), in a process inspired by natural photosynthesis.

The car's roof is shaped like a giant leaf, which is where it gets energy from the sun. The photovoltaic units on the leaf are capable of adjusting their position to maximize engergy capture efficiency.

The small wind turbines on the four wheels give the car extra power through wind energy conversion.

The Leaf's CO2 absorbing body has metal-organic framework (MOFs), which imitate the photosynthetic process in plants, by absorbing CO2 and water to generate an electric current and Oxygen. So this car would not only be a zero emissions car, but a "negative emissions" car that cleans the air.

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green car driver said:
The first concept, the Leaf, is a complete joke. I doubt its solar cells would produce more than 60 watts at midday...
The solar cells will produce enough to run the clock and alarm system so that the battery can be sized to start the car instead of sized to run all the electrics for 4 weeks while its parked up due to the owner being on holiday - a saving of around 6Kg in weight ;)

It is only a concept though, the solar panels on the E1 are more useful since that is going to be produced.

(of course on an electric car, you dont need much battery for starting the engine!)
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