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Translated from Chinese:
Recently a new car and frequent news yesterday, we have just finished reporting to you on the Buick new Excelle HRV news, today we have been on the domestic generation POLO latest news, but also for your band to a new generation of POLO many exclusive interior details of the picture.

The group we get a new generation of POLO was taken in Shanghai Volkswagen plant inside, it was understood that the manufacturers in order to made a new generation of POLO to conduct research of the overseas edition of the new POLO models. From the relevant channels get the latest news, made a new generation of POLO in the shape and configuration will be consistent with the overseas edition of the basic model, so we are very much looking forward to this car.

For the new generation POLO interior before us very little coverage, while the photograph of the plant this area several imported POLO should all be overseas edition of the basic configuration of the model. Prior to the adoption of the report, a new generation of foreign POLO entire department equipped with ESP and six airbags, but eventually a new generation of POLO-made after the ESP and six airbags all been able to keep our hearts there is still a big question mark!

Prior to Shanghai from the Volkswagen-made for those models, although the configuration will be equipped with some reduction, but will continue to design and abroad, consistent with the original model. To the conclusion that, today we take pictures of this station a new generation of POLO in the instrument panel and interior design, it may be made after the appearance, of course, outside sound system will definitely not be the same as matching, made a new POLO at least have to be equipped with a single platter CD Bar!

Thanks to the picture is limited, we can not determine the overseas edition of a new generation of POLO what type of engine is used. According to speculation, Shanghai Volkswagen made a new generation of POLO will still assemble now POLO on the 1.4L and 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, while the Volkswagen brand new 1.2 TSI engine may be slightly later period of time assembled at the domestic models . As for the gearbox, the domestic generation POLO will be used domestically DSG dual-clutch seven-speed transmission and M 5-speed manual transmission.


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I would like to say that the front view of maximum of the VW cars look like at least to me. I don't know the reason for this. Well I would also like to say that Polo is still continuing with great features and its sedan version is also in the market today, which is known as Vento. But I will also like to say that I really liked the design of crosspolo.
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