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2010 Tongtian Glow

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It is turning out that mysterious seemed-to-be BYD F0 facelift is not even a Tongyi University project but rather all-new Tongtian Glow. At least according to which also states that the car will debut at Beijing.

Previous discussions about the car can be found here:
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I don't really think that The Tycho can be considered as a reliable source.

I'm also quite sceptical about Tongtian's comeback.
Joest it may be that some new outfit has seized upon the name of the old defunct Tongtian. I think we need to dig deeper to uncover this one.
I spoke with people of TJ Innova at the show. They confirmed that they had designed this car, and they confirmed that the car will be produced by the Tongtian company as JTT7100. I also thought the Tongtian company was not more existing.
wait for it...

2010 Glow is almost complete:

Translated with Google

Tong Tian car Who are they? Estimated number of riders are not aware of friends, or even find it in Baidu in the official website. Limited information that it is over, Zhejiang Province Jiangbei Machinery Factory and the re-establishment of private enterprises to invest. 2004 Beijing Auto Show , the communications field have exhibited their car - GLOW. At that time through field and now head of the car Geely boss Mr. Li's brother - Li Xu Bing.

Today, the figure appears in the declaration of an A00 this level hatchback car, only from the outside, and then GLOW has been quite different in shape design and workmanship have a very clear sense of progress. Moreover, there are still very design idea, oversized front and rear wheel arch shows its different.

Fang Jian for this new car assessment are that it is a cottage version of the BYD F0 . Its body size is 3548 × 1653 × 1465 mm, wheelbase is 2340 mm. From this size point of view, it does and there is no small source of F0.

Gengrang authors note that using the new GLOW BYD F0 -produced 1.0L engine , and use the same F0. Outsourcing key parts, and perhaps will be the GLOW price advantage to play bottleneck.

This model is expected to be officially on sale in the year, prices certainly have to lower than F0.

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So, if I got this straight, they're actually using Byd's engine. How can Byd provide their engine (which is, by the way, a copy of Toyota/PSA's engine) to a copycat?

Franckly, I don't think that the Chinese government will allow an other manufacturer. They want their number of car manufacturer to decrease, not to increase.
martin_krpan said:
2010 Glow is almost complete:

this looks a like a hip city car
Joest, Tongtian is not another new manufacturer, they still have the license of the former Jiangbei Company in Jilin (which made Alto's in the 1990s). Tongtian debuted in 2003 with a JTT7080 Glow based on the Alto and they showed at the Beijing 2004 Show a 1.8-litre Taihu (Tiger). Later Jiangnan bought the Glow design and produced it for a short time as Jiangnan Jingling in Hunan province. But it seems that Tongtian is still existing. Greetings!
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