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I have a 2010 Wuling Sunshine / ED150 electric pickup in the US sold by GGT Electric as the Scout / E-dyne, also sold by ZAP as the Zaptruck XL (companies closed / no answer to phone calls or email).

I can find almost no info to fix it, the computer displays a code E-06 on the dash for low battery pack but it is good. LED lights #5 and #6 light up inside the controller unit.

The control unit is a CAMC061206YA by Liuzhou (Kohl/Cole/Cool - found spelled 3 ways when Googled) Digital Mfg. Co.

I found a diagnostic test port labled serial data on the schematics. I'm trying to find someone who knows how to diagnose the control box, sells the software to communicate with it or sells other parts.

Any help towards finding any info would be appreciated, I'm out of ideas looking for information on it.

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