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Re: Great Wall Haval H6

mic-my old '01 Kia Sportage 4X4 was "body of frame". The Sportage by Kia is also used my the South Korean military-it is a real 4X4 and it's body on frame aspect allowed for real 4-wheeling opportunities. It was a good truck.

But most people don't aspire to four wheel much, so Kia made the business decision to only build them unibody back around 2006. That is a good rig, too, it's just like a car in handling and drive. It was a smart move-Kia sells more Sportage's now.

And if you want the old type of pre-2006 Kia Sportage SUV you can still readily buy them here in the U.S.
1 - 1 of 76 Posts
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