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2014 Haima Family (M5) & F5

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Haima is working on another sedan which will be positioned between M6 and M8:

Debut of the car is scheduled in 2014.
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Re: Haima A+ sedan

Front has a touch of Kia with a Buick-like grille; Rear is very Sonata-ish

But it doesn't look bad
Re: Haima M5 (new Family)

How much this car will be sold? who know?
2018 Haima Family F5

Facelift of the Family, upgraded to 6-speed manual/auto transmissions. According to MIIT-published specs, length and wheelbase may have gone up by 15 mm (to 4713 mm/2700 mm from 4698 mm/2685 mm); however the article linked says dimensions are unchanged.

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