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With the introduction of this Cruze, contrary to all expectations, the 2014-16 Cruze (D2SC) has been officially discontinued. Sales will however continue of 2016-made cars until stocks are cleared. It is slightly surprising and unusual that an all-new car launched barely two years ago is retired in such a short span of time. The old Classic sedan (J300) and hatchback (J305) will continue for a while, but it is now more or less confirmed that the upcoming Cavalier will replace the sedan, likely later this year.

For now, it is believed that the new Cruze hatchback (D2JC), unveiled globally this year, will not be introduced in China. (see next post for update)

Moreover, the Aveo (T300) twins, facelifted not too long ago, have been axed.


Also, see for the current lineup.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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