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Toyota has launched the second-generation [P170] Sienta in the Taiwan market. Toyota had been planning to phase out the very popular Wish and old Innova MPVs from Taiwan due to revised regulations, and reports from early 2016 indicated that the Sienta was on the cards as a replacement for both. Kuozui Motors, Toyota's manufacturing arm in Taiwan, ceased production of the above MPVs in June. Toyota had already made a large investment to establish a new press shop in Kuozui's second plant in Guanyin, Taoyuan, which earlier used to receive stamped body parts and panels from the first plant in Zhongli, Taoyuan. According to reports, production of the Sienta will take place in Guanyin.

The domestic Sienta was displayed a few weeks ago and prices were announced yesterday. The car is expected to hit the market in late November.

Although smaller than the the E20 Wish and N40 Innova in size, it has the same wheelbase of 2750 mm. Dimensions are 4235 x 1695 x 1675 mm. In Taiwan, it will be equipped with 1.5 and 1.8 L engines, mated to a CVT. Five-seat and seven-seat versions will be available.

Outside Japan, the Sienta is also made in Karawang, Indonesia.

Domestic model shown:

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