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2018 BYD Tang

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Can the BYD Tang II Hybrid make 600 PS?

The vehicle configuration published here shows that the Tang II Hybrid, like the first gen. model, will have an engine+double motor setup. Max. power outputs are 151 kW for the engine, and 110+180 kW for the two motors. Assuming a linear delivery (as in the case of the first-gen model) total output should be 441 kW, compared to 411 kW for the first-gen. high-speed version, which translates to 591.4 hp or 599.6 PS!

However, according to MIIT, the max net output of the ICE is 139 kW, so the theoretical max would be around 429 kW (575 hp or 583 PS).

Images from:
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2018 BYD Tang Hybrid debut

Public debut of Tang "Dragon Face" 7-seat hybrid. Hybrid will do 0-100 km/h in 4.5 sec.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Blue
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive lighting
Car Vehicle Window Motor vehicle Automotive design
Gear shift Automotive design Personal luxury car Center console Electric blue

Looking at the pictures in the post above, some versions will receive a different D-pillar treatment.
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New Tang launched on the market; for now ICE and DM (PHV) models only:


At the same event, the future pure electric version was unveiled, which retains much of the looks of the Dynasty concept:

Tang EV:
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2018 BYD Tang @ 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show

Five-seat versions of the Tang 2.0T and DM (hybrid) were launched at the 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show; also the pure-electric Tang EV600 was displayed:

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