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The VW371 Sagitar's length and wheelbase, as published by MIIT, are 4753 mm and 2731 mm.

The corresponding measurements for the Puebla-sourced VW371 Jetta are 4702 mm and 2686 mm. The Chinese version is therefore 51 mm longer and has had its wheelbase increased by 45 mm.

The VW371 is of course the newest Jetta.

The outgoing VW361 Sagitar had a length of 4640-4668 mm and a wheelbase of 2651 mm. That would make the new Sagitar about 99 (average) mm longer, with a wheelbase increase of 80 mm.

So the 80-mm wheelbase difference is between the two generations of the Sagitar, not between the Chinese and Mexican versions of the new Jetta.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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