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2019 GAC Trumpchi GA6

Official A35 line-off ceremony at the renovated Yichang plant of Guangzhou Automobile Group Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd. Yes, this is the factory that used to be base of the GAC-ZX Auto partnership and was taken over by GAC after dissolution of the partnership (see post).

In January of 2018, GAC formally announced the "technical transformation" project for the plant. Capacity is being increased to 200,000 units p.a. and it should be ready to restart operations by June 2019. It is now known as Guangzhou Automobile Group Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd. Yichang Branch (profile).
GAC has stayed true to its promise and recommenced operations by June 2019. In fact, a batch of ~150 vehicles was made in May itself.

Interestingly, the ex-Changfeng, CP2 Acuman sedan too had its offline ceremony here in March 2014 under GAC-ZX, but serial production did not occur thereafter. As we know, the factory then turned to making S/CUVs.


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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