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2019 Shanghai Volkswagen Polo (VW270)

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The Mk6 Polo that was launched in Europe in 2017 is now coming to China. It is the first generation of Polo to use the MQB-A0 platform. The new Polo is already manufactured in Spain, Brazil and South Africa.

MIIT has revealed the preliminary specifications of the new model for China:


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So, the old Polo will be sold along with the new one?
At the moment, that seems likely.
"CCF Mod" and I were posting the same pictures at the same time!

I am going to refrain from posting for the next 4 hours. Martin, you can carry on with other models.
2019 Shanghai Volkswagen Polo Plus (VW270)

Polo Plus launched:

Regular variants of the previous generation Polo have been replaced, but the Cross Polo (1.5) and Polo GTI (1.4 TSI) will continue. Currently these two versions are made in small numbers.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts