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2020 BYD Han & e9

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BYD issued first photos of new four door coupe/sedan - HAN. More at:

Han DM:


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BYD Han (HC)



MIIT-published specs are different from what is mentioned in the article linked in the preceding post, especially with respect to powertrain.
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I'm concensiously saving up to purchase Tesla Model 3 somewhere in the future, but now I'm starting to doubt. BYD will bring this car to Europe and I saw the China post-subsidy prices announed (RMB 240.000 for the short range, 260k for the long range and 280k for the long range AWD). Even if you add the subsidy of RMB 20.000 (?) and then 20% for shipping/import fees/tax differences the range topping AWD will still be cheaper than the most affordable Model 3 over here. :eek:
I think the Han is rather pretty looking car, although I might stay away from a red leather interior. Really interesting to see what prices BYD will ask in Europe.
Leo, I share your attraction to the Han. I like its well proportioned body. Even the Lincolnesque taillights are not too shabby. But all the badging is a bit much, with that marking on the front fenders..."BYDDesign", and at the rear "Build Your Dreams" .
The California car customizers of old, would call it a, "**** Wagon". And, would strip it all off, to give a cleaner simpler look.
But I must admit, even with that stuff glued to its skin, the EV's front fascia has a clean look and the rest of the body is not all that cluttered. As for the interior, I like the pleated seat upholstery, although like you, not in red. The instrument panel and the rest would take some getting used to.
When I look at that center display monitor, on both the Han and the Tesla I see what looks like an uncomfortable tablet pinned there and just waiting for some random impact to make short work of. I much prefer those display screens integrated with the dash panel as many makers are doing now.
Finally I would wonder about the level of quality. Although the Tang and Qin have received some accolades in recent years, I don't think of BYD being a up there with GAC and NIO when it comes to quality ranking.
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BPM is still €0,- for BEV's! The government is even going to introduce a cash incentive for BEV's below €45.000,- (like France has already).
I'm no fan of crossover vehicles or SUV's, I like to sit low, so the MG ZS is not really on my radar. Manufacturers are switching to crossovers more and more, so I'm happy BYD wants to bring a saloon car.

I've driven the Model 3 of a friend and the center tablet works very well in that car. It probably helps that the user interface is excellent. Don't know if BYD has that covered.
About quality, that's always a bit of a gamble. I've owned a highly acclaimed Ford that was a unreliable piece of junk (but fun to drive) and a 'traditionally unreliable' Renault that never required a single repair. From what I picked up from the internet, BYD is making quite a transition lately towards a more 'premium' experience.
BYD Han EV launched in Latin America. BYD already has ~2,000 electric busses in that region.


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