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Leo, I share your attraction to the Han. I like its well proportioned body. Even the Lincolnesque taillights are not too shabby. But all the badging is a bit much, with that marking on the front fenders..."BYDDesign", and at the rear "Build Your Dreams" .
The California car customizers of old, would call it a, "**** Wagon". And, would strip it all off, to give a cleaner simpler look.
But I must admit, even with that stuff glued to its skin, the EV's front fascia has a clean look and the rest of the body is not all that cluttered. As for the interior, I like the pleated seat upholstery, although like you, not in red. The instrument panel and the rest would take some getting used to.
When I look at that center display monitor, on both the Han and the Tesla I see what looks like an uncomfortable tablet pinned there and just waiting for some random impact to make short work of. I much prefer those display screens integrated with the dash panel as many makers are doing now.
Finally I would wonder about the level of quality. Although the Tang and Qin have received some accolades in recent years, I don't think of BYD being a up there with GAC and NIO when it comes to quality ranking.
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