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Second generation Captur, on the CMF-B platform, to be made in China.

The European version (HJB), related to the new BJA Clio V, will shortly go into series production in Valladolid, Spain, and will replace the 2013-model Alliance B-platform-based J87 Captur (and Renault-Samsung QM3). These below are actually the first clear pictures of the HJB/HJE Captur published as of present.

Dimensions (mm):
Length: 4263, 4323 Width: 1797 Height: 1593

Wheelbase (mm): 2638

Displacement (ml); Power (kw)
1331; 98-117

Source: MIIT

Note: Not to be confused with the larger, B0 platform-based HHA Kaptur/Captur for developing markets Russia, India and Brazil.


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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