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2390 USD car

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Hello all !

Is there any China manufactured car of 2390 USD. Because this is my only budget .
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No, the cheapest car in China is the ChangAn Benben Mini which costs at least 29.900 RMB/4379,72 USD, followed by the Chery QQ3 (30.800 RMB/4511,55 USD):

You may can consider buying a used car?
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thanx !

but i have heard that china is selling cheapest cars in the world
I am in Pakistan . Is there any Chinese car dealer in Karachi ?
The cheapest new car in the world is sold in India. It's called the Tata Nano. Costs around $2,995 in USD.

An update to this is that the Tata Nano will cost around $6,000USD when it eventually gets to the U.S. Because of the extra work required on the car to meet stringent
U.S. safety and emissions standards. Sound familiar?
actually i need a car of
300,000.00 PKR = 3,568.88 USD
in karachi , pakistan

so which vehicle can i get ?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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