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gwm will lead

pokershark said:
wonder where CHERY is?

Chinese auto brands Great Wall Motor, Hafei motor, Geely Auto and FAW debuted in the Peruvian car market, importing company Zona Motors announced on Wednesday.

"Our plan is not to hide the cars' origins, but instead to show them off as a sign of (Chinese) innovation (which is) constantly advancing its technology with giant steps," said Constantin Lerner, the company's director general.

Peru's car market is experiencing major positive developments. For the first time, new car imports have overtaken imports of used cars, thanks to rising local demand.

Lerner said the new cars, all leading brands in China, had also been successful in Colombia and Venezuela, and would also soon be available in Chile.

The Chinese-made cars are equipped with the latest environmental protection technology and will significantly help improve Peru emissions levels.

According to Zona Mators, the new Chinese cars will modernize the field of Peruvian cars. Their cheap prices, which are lower than the average auto prices in Peru, will help these cars' market placement.

The salesmen are aiming at a more than three percent market share for the Chinese cars this year, and five percent by the end of 2007.

The cars have already undergone six months of testing and won a certificate of quality, and they have also met the national rules on autos, the company said.

Source: Xinhua

The gwm brand will take over this market as it is currently doing in jamaica; though chinese cars are a bit new to us gwm has been doing fairly well. currently we have such brands as admiral (pickup trucks) chery (QQ & Eastar) Xinkai of course gwm and the most recent addition to these are vehicles from chanfeng yangzi
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