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5 designs made by me-needs opinion and advise

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sorry i draw them on papers . and i apologize for bad quality of papers ....



needs your opinion and advise...........
unfortunately no centers of car designing in egypt.....
how can i contact any interested comapnies about hobbies like me ......
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nice drawings, but to talk to car companies, i think u need to do designs in 3d in autocad?
nice sketch! I really like it!

but it's much better if you do it in CAD though...

perhaps you could email some car companies in your area...

well anyway, though there are really no car designing centers, you could learn a thing or two in designing using AUTOCADD in some computer schools in your area... :thumb:
You've done some cool designs I recommend that if you haven't already done so you should out dedicated
car design forum like the one attached to Car Design News
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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