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1. Shanghai's inhouse small car chassis : Nothing is known about this other than this is an inhouse project.

2. Ssangyong C-segment : A brand new C-segment chassis under development for Shanghai. This monocoque chassis is said to be flexible and will underpin a number of compact sedans and SUVs. A departure for Ssangyong, this one is a front wheel drive chassis, but not ready until 2009.

3. Rover 75(D-segement) : As acquired from Rover. An 8 year old chassis.

4. Ssangyong FR chassis : A new sedan chassis covering D/E market segment. Front engine/rear wheel drive. This one is coming before the C-segment chassis.

4. Ssangyong SUV chassis : Ssangyong's existing body on frame SUV chassis underpins 4 different SUVs of various length. It could be shortened and lengthened to accomodate various SUV models.

Edit : Updated with new info.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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