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If we all agree to be nice and all keep a pro-China view, we won't
have any more balance. I think we could tone down the language a
bit, but what fun is it if everyone has the same view. I think we should
stop exaggerating on both sides, but whats with the whole communist view?
Its people like Real_I_hate_China who keep this site in check with their extreme views (though I don't neccesarily agree with them), so that
we may balance the many Chinese people on this site that over-glorify
their home manufacturers. This site isn't just about Chinese cars anymore,
its about their current and future effects on the world economy.
Sure, Geely's nice, but what happens when no-one buys a Toyota anymore,
because they all have Chinese cars, what will happen to Japan(for example),
and what will happen to people that crash their cheap Chinese cars?
This is a database on Chinese cars, but also on the publics perception of them. Maybe you're not used to democracy in China- but thats why its called the China Car Forum(s) and not the China Car Information web site.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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