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dragin said:
Like any other business today, websites and website forums that are successful, are those that maintain high quality standards. It takes lots of time and effort to keep a website forum going and to keep people coming back.

Chinacarforums at its best, is a place where car lovers from all over the world share their information and opinions about the dynamic development of China's auto industry. These folks choose to see beyond their own serious political, cultural and religious differences, to enjoy a dialogue that brings enjoyment to an otherwise routine day. And in the past it has drawn interest and input from some high caliber folks in the car business.

But at its worst it is a lot of spewing of bitterness, hate and vitriol. The result is a loss of interest on the part of many enthusiasts who are serious about the subject. And as the negative side gains the upper hand, a loss of business to the forum investors is also inevitable.

Yes, it's not easy to deal with such a diverse clientele. As I see it there's got to be someone there 24/7 who can sort out, and screen out, the incoming threads into various categories so that the folks who participate are not just wasting there time. Who would have thought that in the course of merely months since start up, we would be harkening back to "the good old days".

In any case, as the year draws to a close I do wish the forum management and all the serious participants, the best that the coming holiday season has to offer, and a great year ahead.

Zhu ni xin nian kuai le 祝 你 新 年 快 乐


Gong xi fa cai 恭 喜 发 财
i think there will allways be lovers and haters for anything CHINESE MADE....or any cheap labour nation
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