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Not that it matters at all, but food for thought - maybe others feel the same way;

It's a forum, people. As an outside observer(read:my opinion only) the most damage is done by Senior Members, taking what may be an unaceptable post then setting it on fire. (Edge recently became completely rabid in one thread)

Someone posts something lacking factual basis? You reply with correct facts.

Someone posts opinions you don't like? Post your opinion.

I swear, some of the long-time posters here have the "You suck", "No YOU SUCK!" banter down as well as my 8 year old kids.

The I-Hate-China guy, even though his opinion is obvious, he at leasts posts with opinions based on facts (well, most of the time).

Then you have the "I hate Americans" posters, the "I love China and therefore am blind to any facts you present" poster, and the "whatever you say, I'll disagree" poster.

You want this forum to work? Grow up. Act your age.

Because the minute I see that posts are being deleted, edited, changed, removed, censored, is the last minute I'll visit this site. So will the vast majority of lurkers.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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