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About Nanqi

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This is the company profile from their website

Yuejin Motor Group, established on the basis of Yuejin Motor (Group) Corporation (previously named Nanjing Auto Works) as the parent company and approved by the State Economy and Trade Committee, is one of the largest enterprise groups in China. In 1997, the State Council selected Yuejin Motor Group as one of 120 Trial Enterprise Groups. And Yuejin Motor (Group) Corporation was listed as one of the 520 National Key Enterprises by the State Economic and Trade Commission in 1999.

At present, Yuejin Motor Group possesses an annual production capacity of 180,000 vehicles of various models and has three major vehicle production bases, namely, Nanjing Yuejin, Nanjing Iveco and Nanjing Fiat. The products cover more than 400 types of models, including passenger cars, light duty trucks, light duty buses, cross country vehicles, small-sized passenger/cargo transportation vehicles, special-purpose vehicles as well as various types of chasses etc.

Yuejin Motor Group has been engaged mainly in exploring the overseas markets of automobiles and parts & components thereof. The products have been exported to many countries and regions such as Argentina, South Africa, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Cyprus, Togo, Italy and Spain etc. In addition, it has obtained successful experience in establishing abroad SKD/CKD assembly plants of trucks and minibuses.

Yuejin Motor (Group) Corporation sell such automotive products as YUEJIN Brand series of light-duty trucks, NANJING-IVECO series of light-duty trucks and passenger transportation vehicles as well as NANYA-FIAT series of small-sized passenger transportation vehicles. The automotive products exported by Yuejin Motor (Group) Corporation have reliable quality, excellent performance and competitive price, and have achieved Euro 2 emission standard.
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I don't recognise the first picture - guess they are Nanjing Fiats?

The second picture is an MG ZT built by MG-Rover before Nanjing involvement.

The third picture is I think a clay model built by Peter Stevens for MG Rover. A restyled version may be built by Nanjing from mid 2008.

The forth is indeed built by Nanjing - its a Nanjing Soyat.
The Najing soyat looks quite ugly and outdated
in the first picture there are FAW-Volkswagen's which are not related to Nanjing.

Nanjing Soyat is based on Seat Ibiza Mk I (1985-1993).


Some information about Nanjing:

production in 2003: 37,418 cars
production in 2004: 23,875 cars
production in 2005: 34,300 cars

Cars now in production:

Nanjing-Fiat Palio (2002- )
Nanjing-Fiat Siena (2002- )
Nanjing-Fiat Weekend (2003- )
Nanjing-Fiat Doblo (2004- )

Nanqi Junda (SUV)
Nanqi Soyat (2004- )
Nanqi Soyat Van

also Yuejin pick-ups and heavy trucks

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pokershark said:
The Najing soyat looks quite ugly and outdated
Agreed, which is one of the reasons for buying MG-Rover.

As part of the deal they got these:
(Although even these will be updated a little before going back on sale.)



MG-ZS (My car)

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Did they get the SV? Nice car pics. So soon we can expect Nanjing top go from 35000 fiats a year to a few hundred thousand MG's and Austins....
I wondered about that when I posted it and decided that since it had been carefully removed from the MG S&R site but was still on the site I would include it! We will have to wait and see...
thats not really true. I like the soyat saloon. The inside beats the outside though.
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