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Accented characters deleted in titles

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On browsing the "Peugeot-Citroen" sub-forum, I discovered that accented Latin characters were not showing up in the titles of the threads, for example, Citroen was appearing correctly, but Citroën was appearing as Citron. Also, the user name F.Fernández was showing up as F.Fern�ndez. I found the same issue on both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Anybody else see this? Can VS Administrators help?

Please see screenshot:

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I have manually changed occurrences of 'Citron' to 'Citroën' in some of the titles; let's see if the error shows up again.
Looks like it's showing up now?
Can you all confirm?

Yes, it is, except for the name "F.Fernndez", but elsewhere, "Fernández" is showing correctly, so I guess it is all right now.

Will post here if problem recurs.

I don't see anything that might be replacing it.

this guy's account looks like it's normal as well.
it might be a browser hiding something?

But if it were a browser defect, the guy's name would appear without the "á" in the main member page too, but there it shows up correctly!

Seems like a quirk.

Just keep us posted on this.
Let us know if anything unusual occurs.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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