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Well, this seems like new I think this one has been avaiable in sonata since May this year in Korea. However, they begun the development of this system from 2001. Well, I'm sure there should be much superior system than this ... such as sh-awd but how many can afford that.....

Hyundai's patented Active Geometry Control Suspension (AGCS) employs an electric motor and to actuators to vary the geometry of control arms which regulate toe-in. This low-priced but highly cost-effective solution brings a new level of control for the driver and improves ride quality. With its horizontal distribution of power to control the wheel toe-in, the system is inherently more efficient that vertical control solutions that represent the industry norm

SM5 (locally assembled nissan, they just launched new sm5 with stability control now so it was not available when this test was done)
Accord 2.4 stability control
Sonata 2.4 stability control + AGCS$


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