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Hi, admin. I'm curious what made you open such a forum.
The forum seems quite unusual and I like its western style, speaking English, using vBulletin, and etc. Is it China based or located overseas? How many staff do you have and are they all Chinese? Are you educated abroad?

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I started this forum because of many reasons..
i'll make this a brief post.

1. I have pride in anything/everything chinese , just like most people have pride in their culture/community, therefore I had pride in chinese cars and wanted to create awareness to the public that chinese cars truly are coming

2. I wanted to eliminate misconceptions (for example many ppl out there are like Real_i_hate_china) this forum gives them a place to discuss with us so we can try to eliminate their hate and any untrue things they might think of chinese cars. Eventually they should accept chinese cars...why would they do other wise?

3. There wasnt enough info online about chinese cars since its such a small industry to easiest way is to get a bunch of people and contribute their 1 or 2 things they know about chinese cars around the world...and sooner or later u have a Database of knowledge on chinese cars...

4...what makes any other cars better..? they all have enthusiast sites...why not chery, geely too ..right? look at fightingtorque, these kind of ppl need enthusiast sites too
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