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Aiways (The name stand for “AI ON THE WAY”) is another Chinese company specializing in efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles. Construction of its plant in Jiangxi province started in March 2017 with production capacity of 150,000 units a year.
On April 16th, 2018 the company unveiled their first product - U5 ION pure electric SUV. It's only a concept for now, first production model will be released in the second half of 2019.
By the way, Chief Product Manager of Aiways is Roland Gumpert founder of Apollo Automobile.

Aiways homepage:


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The car is more or less ready, factory construction in Shangrao is fairly complete, potential buyers are showing interest in the car, but Aichi Automobile Co., Ltd. does not feature among the 15 companies that gained new EV project approval. No license, no sales. So what to do now?

No problemo! says Landwind.

Jiangling Holdings Co., Ltd. (JMH), the JMCG-Changan joint venture so familiar to us, has set up its Shangrao Branch in September 2018 and entered into a "house lease contract" with Jiangxi Yiwei Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. JMH Shangrao Branch has requested and received approval from the Jiangxi DRC for a project to "lease and renovate the existing plant" of Jiangxi Yiwei Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for the annual production of 100,000 pure electric vehicles (now this is odd: how do you renovate a near-complete new plant?). The plant has a two-phase design capacity to produce 300,000 units p.a.

Now, Jiangxi Yiwei Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Aichi Automobile Co., Ltd.* and Shangrao ETDZ Management Committee. Aichi owns 33.33% and the local administration (through firms) 66.67%. Effectively, JMH will lend its production qualification to Aichi.

I am a little surprised it turned out to be JMH and not JMEV, which is already a bona fide electric vehicle manufacturer. Recall that initially Lifan and Chehejia too planned something of this sort; eventually Chehejia had to buy out one of Lifan's group companies for its license.

*formerly Jiangxi Aichi Yiwei Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Aiways to acquire 50% of Landwind (rumor)?

Unsubstantiated reports have been going around saying Aiways will acquire 50% of Jiangling Holdings Co., Ltd. (JMH), the maker of Landwind vehicles. The existing owners Jiangling Motors Corp. Group (JMCG) and Chongqing Changan will jointly hold the remaining 50% of the company.

Aiways will also set up a joint venture company with JMH (no further details).

However, Sohu published another report that JMCG and Changan will take 25% and 20% shareholding of Aiways respectively.

Notably, JMH has a joint venture with Ford, Jiangling Motors Corp., of which it holds 41%. Jiangling Motors Corp. is a stock exchange-listed company, so any proposed changes in its parent's financial holdings should have been officially published by now.


P.S.: It is also rumored that the three parties have reached a provisional agreement but the acquirer is conducting due diligence on the health of the company. A final agreement will be thrashed out by March and a formal announcement is expected in June or July

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Aiways gets 50% of JMH*

Aichi Automobile (Aiways) has been brought on board as a strategic investor in Jiangling Holdings Co., Ltd. (JMH*) with the former purchasing a 50% stake in JMH*.

In April, Changan Automobile announced (link) a split of Jiangling Holdings Co., Ltd. into two companies: Jiangling Holdings Co., Ltd. (surviving co., indicated here as JMH*) and Nanchang Jiangling Investment Co., Ltd. (investment co., NJI). The original registered capital of 2 bn RMB was divided equally between the two offshoots.

Nanchang Jiangling Investment Co., Ltd. is to take over partial liabilities of of the old JMH (about 300 mn RMB); also old JMH's 41% stake in JMC (with Ford) will be transferred to NJI. Changan and JMCG will continue to own 50-50 of NJI. NJI is to become part owner of JMC (with Ford). The production license of old JMH is to be retained by JMH* (surviving co.).

Now, Aiways has taken over 50% of JMH*. It is expected that the stakeholding of Changan and JMCG in JMH* will come down to 25% and 25%, with Aiways obviously becoming its largest shareholder.

Since Aiways is acquiring JMH*, the lease agreement between old JMH and Aiways regarding the Shangrao plant no longer makes sense. Jiangxi Provincial DRC has already approved the Shangrao factory (JMH Shangrao Branch), with an initial annual capacity of 100,000 vehicles, for pure EV production.

There is at present no clarity on the fate of Landwind vehicles; whether these will continue to be made by JMH* and distributed via a sales company owned by JMCG/NJI, or production is to be transferred to a subsidiary or associate of JMCG/NJI.
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Xin Jiangling Holdings

Aiways, JMCG, and Changan officially announce the reorganization of Jiangling Holdings Co., Ltd. as a 50-25-25 public-private joint venture. This is informally being referred to as Xin Jiangling Holdings (Xin=new).

Landwind will stay with this restructured company.
Aiways U5


Batteries can be rented for a monthly fee, which reduces the cost of the car substantially for the buyer.
Aiways U6

Aiways presented U6 concept at press conference today:

The vehicle was scheduled to debut at Geneva Auto Show which was canceled due to the Corona virus.
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