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phaeton CCF Moderator said:
All topics relating to god bless japan are to be discussed here.

No more new threads please ;)
I wish to congratulate God Bless Japan, a person who has signed up less than 24 hours ago, who, defying all laws of physics, space/time, and internet bandwidth, has successfully made all of the North American internet network cry "uncle" by posting more than 90 posts in this forum alone.

Clearly, you are a man with a mission. I envy the amount of free time you have.

Never before has the internet community met someone who has so much to comment on, with so much to say.
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Serious question -

Ever consider just reading & learning?
For Gods Sake!!!!!

Any way to limit posts by any one user to, say, no more that 10,000 posts per day?

I mean, Jesus Christ!! If I wanted to discuss chinese cars with only one person, I'll talk to my neighbor.
god_bless_japan said:
i agree with Chinoy54 feelings, and i will take these suggestions into considerations. i only joined yesterday, so please give some time to get a grip of the members mood here, at least i deserve a chance to prove my self. :thumb: :nod:

Can you try to prove youself by cutting the posting volume by like, 95%?

You have been here less than 24 hours - You have made more posts than 90% of the members already.

You must be a load of fun at parties.
god_bless_japan said:
no offense, u are telling me to be quiet/not post, i havent insulted/ threatened anyone, i try to be informative, so i see no problem:)

Ever hear the term "Quality not Quantity"?

You see nothing wrong at all when the summary page of this forum has your name as the last poster on EVERY SINGLE TOPIC?

You see nothing out of whack in the realisation that, in less than 24 hours, you have more posts than 90% of all users ever on this forum?

I'm not telling you to do anything other than stop doing your impression of a locust swarm.

Wasn't there another China car forum somewhere I heard about?
Anyone See God_Bless_Japan????

He hasn't posted in 15-20 seconds, just want to be sure he's ok
god_bless_japan said:
Fair enough point Ash

I am like marmite here, they either like me or dislike me:lol: :thumb: ;)
How would you know? You have more posts in the last 48 hours than everyone else combined!
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