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phaeton CCF Moderator said:
All topics relating to god bless japan are to be discussed here.

No more new threads please ;)
I wish to congratulate God Bless Japan, a person who has signed up less than 24 hours ago, who, defying all laws of physics, space/time, and internet bandwidth, has successfully made all of the North American internet network cry "uncle" by posting more than 90 posts in this forum alone.

Clearly, you are a man with a mission. I envy the amount of free time you have.

Never before has the internet community met someone who has so much to comment on, with so much to say.
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Whoa there! Rock-n-Roll, i see your point that its annoying and amazing at the same time that he's already a senior member in 2 days, but there's no need to start a war. You were right when you said "quality is better than quantity", why should you be jealous then? Instead of trying to compete, just have better quality posts. Sure, he's got dozens of posts, but what does that mean if they're all crap (not that they are, he usually has something interesting to add). God_Bless_Japan, i'm not taking sides, I think you should keep up the good work, just don't let your quality go down. I'm glad you've already contributed so much to our site, and I think you can certainly enlighten us on things, just always make sure you can back up what you say with facts, and that what you're saying is more than just an opinion.:D :D
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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