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Alldata 10.10 2009- $300
Mitchell on Demand 5.8 2009 w/ Manager, Repair, Estimator- $300 (a $3499/year value)
Mitchell CRS 5 2008- $300
Automotive Expert 7.81 2008- $100
Mitchell Transmissions 2007- $100
ATSG Transmissions 2006 - $100
Mitchell Vintage (both sets)- $100
Mitchell Heavy Truck 2005- $100
Mitchell Repairmate 2007 - $100
Mitchell Ultramate 2008- $100

All programs will never time out or expire and can be installed on as many computers as you want!

I will offer package deals of up to $50 off per program depending on how much you are buying.

Please remember these prices are for sets with DUAL LAYER DVDS if discs larger than 4.7 gb are necessary.
I would advise you not to buy from any seller that is not selling the product on dual layer dvds.
What they are doing is cutting their own discs that they buy from sellers like me, then trying to resell
to other people with complicated instructions that can take hours and over 60 gb free hard drive space to get
working. I will match or beat most any price, but the price has to be from a legitimate seller that sells on
proper dual layer dvds and none of the regular dvd (cut disc) garbage. I accept payment preferably through
paypal but also take western union.
Thanks for your interest!

Email [email protected] if your interested.
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