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Young Sam Hornish who hails from Ohio, won the Indy 500 on Sunday. He took the victory away from still younger Marco Andretti who at just 19 years old, surprised everyone with his advanced skills and sportsmanship, in his first Indy 500. Sam had failed in an attempt to pass Marco on lap 199 and it looked like Marco was a sure winner. But in the home stretch of the final lap, 26 year old Sam unleashed all the power that had given him the pole in the first place, and sailed by Marco.

Hornish’s car was powered by a Chevrolet engine on a Panoz chassis. The man behind the win is team owner Roger Penske, who reminds me of Li Shufu or vice versa. He is a cool-headed but uncommonly driven man who owns the mega car dealer the United Auto Group, one of the best in the marketplace.

It was a good clear day for racing but ambient temps were around 36 and track temps were upward of 55 degrees. Although the race had its crashes it was safe overall and among the heartfelt memories of fallen soldiers, was the memory of young Paul Dana who lost his life on opening day of the season when his car collided with Ed Carpenter’s.

So even though this year wasn’t the year for 24 year old female driver Danica Patrick, nor the famous Andretti family, there’s no doubt they’ll be back next year with even greater resolve to win.

And although this Indy was won by a rising young champ from America’s heartland, it is nonetheless an international race, and so there’s no doubt in my mind that one day we’ll see an Asian participant walk away with that coveted trophy. Who knows maybe it’ll be Li Shufu’s or Yin Tongyao’s son.


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