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Anhui Ankai Automobile to export 600 buses to Iran.

January 9, 2008 – Chinese buses maker, Anhui Ankai Automobile Co. has signed a bus export contract with an Iranian company, the Shenzhen-listed company announced today.

Under the export contract with ARG DIESEL, Anhui Ankai Automobile will export 600 buses, with a total value of 51.35 million Euros, to Iran. The buses shall be delivered to Iran no later than October this year.

The 600 buses include 100 eighteen-meter long buses, 100 twelve-meter-long buses, 200 eighteen-meter-long CKDs and 200 twelve-meter-long CKDs.

The Hefei-based Anhui Ankai Automobile Co has an annual capacity to produce 5,000 buses (ranging from 8-meter long to 18-meter long) and 3,000 bus chassis.

Jianghuai Automobile Company or JAC, the bigger stakeholder of Anhui Ankai Automobile, holds 20.9 percent stake of the Shenzhen-listed bus-maker.

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Anhui Ankai Vehicle (XINGKAILONG)

Anhui Ankai Automobile Limited Company was established by its sole sponsor--Anhui Ankai Auto Group Company, by way of issuing and listing A shares at Shenzhen Stock and Securities Exchange.

As a listed company and state-appointed enterprise specializing in manufacturing large and medium-sized luxury coaches and bus chassis. it has a total assets of 1 500 million RMB Yuan, 1 097 employees, a land coverage of 12 200 m2, the company's annual productivity is 5500 units of coaches and chassis. The company won the title of "the enterprise with best quality and benefits in Anhui" in 1998, and was accredited with ISO 9001quality assurance system in 1999.

The products spectrum ranges from luxury coaches with length specifications of 12m, 10m, 9m, 8.9m to bus chassis with length specifications of 12m, 11m, 10m, 8.6m. Among them, our latest model, HFF6120K35 is the top class, which is introduced recently from Daimler-Chrysler AG, representing the foremost developments in global bus industry.

Anhui Ankai Automobile Limited Company, by observing its quality guideline"what consumers expect for is what Ankai pursues for", has been implementing the established ISO9001quality assurance system, insisting on the quality emphasizing policy on the basis of the managing notion--sparing no effort in servicing the customers, working assiduously for shareholders.

Ankai Luxury Coach has attained the recognition in coach profession internationally. It won the laurels for"the most recommendable urban luxurious tour coach in China" for successive two years.

Ankai bus chassis was awarded the second prize for science and technology advancement for Chinese automobile industry. Ankai star-level luxury coach and special bus chassis were awarded Anhui provincial honor of"the famous brand", "the quality-credible product", and"the free-inspection product".





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Ankai Bus

Located in the Hefei city--capital of Anhui province, Ankai is specialized in the production of both large and medium size coaches, buses and chassis, ranging from the standard offering and also serving the luxury end of the market. It was established in 1997 and became public company listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, (the stock code is 000868), in 2003, it was merged successfully by Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group, which remains Ankai’s largest shareholder with 20.92 percentage of its share.

The company has a total area of 718,000 square meters, 3000 employees and total asset of 3,000,000,000 RMB, the combined capacity of 14200 units including bus and chassis. We passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification in 1999, and passed the China Compulsory Certification (“CCC” Or triple “C”) in 2003, In 2005, the first rolling destructive test in China was carried in one of China national test center by us, it successfully passed the test and proved the good result of our bus in safety performance; And in 2008, we got patented from Chinese government for the technology we applied in our production of the body frame with the patent Code: ZL20061008635, at the same time, we won the “National Enterprise of high and new tech” and passed the most strict certification of Quality management system for Auto Industry: ISO/TS16949, further more, .our bus first went to Australia and passed the ADRs certification, and became the only enterprise in China who has its own patent and passed this homologation by now.

Having been cooperating with the Germany partner-SETRA from EVOBUS of Mercedes Benz for over 15 years since 1993, We had introduced the world-leading technology-MONOCOQUE in bus manufacturing, blending with our own creation and innovation, now we have developed a large series of buses including the products from 8m to 13.7m covered luxury coaches, intercity buses, tourist buses, chassis and as well as the city buses from 9m to 18m, moreover we also have other products for special use: such as shuttle buses for airport, double decked buses for transport and sight-seeing, recreation vans etc., the top product “ANKAI SETRA” luxury coach represents the highest level of bus industry development worldwide. Besides, we firstly introduced the Monocoque technology in city bus production in China and developed different types of city buses with low floor to fulfill the fast need of the most of the big cities in our domestic market. Moreover, we have been focusing on the new trend of the development of the industry and had developed some products based on the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, many products using new alternative fuel or energy are available, such as CNG, LPG, Hydrogen fuel, Hybrid, Dual fuel and pure electric power.

From 2007, we started the cooperation with other clients for providing the buses in different countries, now Ankai products can be found in many countries and regions such as Malaysia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Saudi Arabic, UAE, Iran, Egypt, Romania, Hungary, America, South America, etc., and where our products go, there goes our service too.

With the concept and liability of taking the life on the top priority, we are on our determination to provide the safest products to our customers, you are welcome to be part of Ankai and do our best to contribute to the life of the people in the world.

Setra HFF6121K35





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