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Anhui Hualing Automobile Group Co., Ltd. manages three companies—Anhui Xingma Automobile Co., Ltd (Xingma Automobile in short), Anhui Hualing Heavy-duty Automobile Co., Ltd (Hualing Heavy Auto in short) and Hunan Xingma Heavy-Duty Truck Co., Ltd (Hunan Xingma in short). It owns a production capacity of 15000 (signal shift) heavy-duty automobiles. The Company has 2000 employees, among which more than 300 are engineering technicians. The Company offers technical centre at provincial level and postdoctoral station approved by the Ministry of Personnel. By means of advanced technical equipments, the Company is in possession of strong technical development capability. Putting great emphasis on corporate culture construction and great stress on respecting customer and servicing customer consistently, the human-oriented company has strived to satisfy individualized demand of customers; with the core value of “to create value for the customers, to create opportunity for the employees, to create profit for the company, to create wealth for the society”, the Company requires each employee to realize the ideal of “human being the focus, technology being the priority, innovation being the spirit, excellence being the pursuit” with work style of “horse race” theory so as to redound the customers and the society with “social commitment” spirit.

Production Lines
Hualing Heavy Auto, covers an area of 80,000 square meters,has advanced heavy auto product line and annual production of 20,000 heavy auto. Hualing Heavy Auto realized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) information management. All its punching, welding, painting and assembly equipments and test equipments are imported from Japan, German, France and Australia.
Frame punching line is composed of 5 punching machines. The 5000 tons longeron punching machine is imported from Japan Kawasaki ensure that girders are punch molded at a signal time and realize automatism of feeding, molding and laying off.
Body punching lines, consisting of 10 units more than 800t-punching machines, have A and B punching lines. All punching machines are controlled by PLC.
Moulds introduced from Japanese and Taiwan: technological mould equipments are crucial for standardized and modernized production with high quality, for construction of heavy-duty trucks with international quality. Therefore, to realize standardized and moulded production, our company has introduced more than 630 moulds for cabs, 102 moulds for car frames (13 moulds for girders, while 89 for crossbeams) from Japanese and Taiwan.
13 welding robots introduced from Japan constitute a fully automatic production line. Robots grasp work pieces to carry out welding so as to ensure precision and quality of cab welding. Welding equipments are composed of 22 riveting machines, 103 sets of electric-controlled tolls, 76 suspension shot welders and auxiliary facilities and equipments. All welding operations are realized by robots, which is unique among domestic truck manufactories and unmatched by some sedan manufactories. With adoption of imported clamps and checking gauges, with welding parameters and quality supervised by computer system, steady and reliable welding quality of domestically produced cab assembly is ensured.
Paint workshop, an enclosed modernized shop with mechanical ventilation, is one for heavy-duty trucks with the most sophisticated equipments, rather high automatically, relatively advanced techniques and the most scientific management to the extent of present domestic level. The globally latest copy spray painting technology is adopted in painting, AUDIT management mode is applied in quality control, and central monitoring system is used to execute real-time monitoring to the entire paint shop and to conduct whole-course tracing and monitoring to work pieces entering the production line. To ensure painting effect of the overall car body, prime paint of car body and car frame is applied by virtue of cathode electrophoretic manufacturing technique, while finish paint is applied by French Sames automatic spray coater.
Coating line for car frame: work pieces are conveyed by underslung conveyer with program-controlled rail, program-controlled overhead crane and ground sled conveyer etc. For preliminary treatment, “moderate temperature” phosphatization is applied to desludge and deoil, and for prime paint, advanced cathode electrophoretic technique is employed.
Coating line for car body: car body of finished processing chamber is provided with special coatings such as anti-stone-bumping coating, sealant for welding seams, heat resisting and shockproof damping fin, chamber wax etc. Finish paint is applied by French Sames automatic spray coater, with paint and sealants conveyed by American Craco equipments.
Assembly workshop, with rather high mechanization degree, is primarily divided into 7 regions -- main assembly line, trim line, pre-assembly line for car frame, pre-assembly line for the engine, pre-assembly line for odds and ends, rework line and storage lines. Automobile assembly technique from Japanese Mitsubishi is applied in final assembly. Assembly line for chassis is equipped with central control room, fault diagnosis system and information feedback system. Detection is performed by comprehensive electric detector and detection line of the entire car so as to ensure assembly quality.
Console of assembly shop: advanced electronic monitoring system is used to effectively ensure safe, ordered, smooth and highly efficient production work in the entire shop.
Trim line of assembly shop: assembly line in the cab, an automatized one with a length of 120m, is equipped with 5 sets of booster mechanical hands which are used to assemble instrument panel, seats for pilot and second pilot, wind shield, to dismantle truck door respectively.
Assembly line: pre-assembly of the engine pre-assembly line for engines in flow production
Final assembly line in assembly shop: final assembly line, a modernized assembly line, is equipped with advanced equipments such as bolt tightening machine, KBK, tyre lifting platform, vacuum filler, gathering and exhausting system for tail gas etc. With an annual production capacity of 15000 vehicles, this assembly line is the most advanced internally.
Assembly shop: test line By virtue of advanced fault diagnosis system and automatic detecting system, assembly condition and quality condition can be detected rapidly and thoroughly, thus ensuring assembly quality of the entire truck.
Xingma Automobile is one of the biggest special purpose vehicle production bases in China. It has several series products. Among these products, the bulk cement delivery truck and concrete mixing truck are the most popular in Chinese market. Its new products such as garbage truck and dump truck are also popular in North China and South China.
Hunan Xingma, established on the basis of the former Hunan Heavy-Duty Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd,owns a production capacity of 5000 heavy truck chassis and heavy duty special purpose vehicle.


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Hualing signs $30 mln heavy truck export deal.

June 20, 2008 - Anhui Hualing Automobile announced that it had signed an export deal on 1,000 Hualing heavy-duty vehicles valued at $30 million with famous Thailand company "Double A," according to

Anhui Hualing Automobile Co., Ltd, a holding subsidiary company of China Anhui Xingma Automobile Group Co. Ltd., focuses on manufacturing heavy-duty vehicles.

After one year's inspection and testing, the Thailand company confirmed the reliability, safety, and comfort of Hualing heavy-duty vehicles and finally decided to sign the deal with Hualing, said Cui Huashan, vice foreign business director of Hualing. It is reportedly the first time for Hualing to acquire such a big deal from Thailand.

The report also said the first batch of 20 Hualing tractors equipped with a nature-gas powered engine that meets China's National III standard has been introduced to Thailand on June 18.


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Geely, a Chinese highest-profile privately owned automaker, might acquire 15.24% stake in Hualing Xingma Automobile, an Anhui-based commercial vehicle manufacturer listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, a local media outlet revealed on June 3.

Responding to a request from the media outlet, people from Geely Commercial Vehicles disclosed that both parties have made contacts in regard to this, while the final result should be subject to an official announcement.

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