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This is the Huoyun Electromobile. I posted already a thread about this car at the Dutch Forums back in 2006.

Dimensions: 2510x1515x1530 mm
Wheelbase: 1800 mm
Engine output: 6.5 kW/9 hp
Maximum speed: 55km/h


Now Smart falls to copycats

Spot the difference! The two city cars pictured right look virtually identical, but things aren't what they seem

30th October 2006 The blue one is Smart's urban favourite, the ForTwo, and the other is the Shandong HuoYun Electromobile - an electric two-seater that shamelessly plagiarises its German counterpart.

Unlike the European model, the Far-Eastern motor is available only with battery power. Developing about 10bhp, it has a range of 75 miles and can achieve a top speed of 30mph.

While the exterior is barely distinguishable from the ForTwo, there are some subtle differences. At the front, the newcomer's lights are more like those of the original Smart City Coupé rather than the double-teardrop style of the ForTwo. However, it's on the inside where most Smart fans will quickly see that the HuoYun isn't from the DaimlerChrysler stable.

It's clear the Chinese maker has tried to mimic the curvy panels of the Smart, but there's no integrated stereo unit, stylish instrument pods or neatly designed dashboard.

What's more, the Electromobile's seats appear to be slightly larger and positioned higher, possibly because the car's battery pack has been mounted underneath. And instead of the genuine Smart's cloth-trimmed dashboard, the HuoYun's cabin is decked out with lots of grey plastic.

Although no prices have yet been announced, the HuoYun is likely to cost around £2,000 - a fraction of the current Smart ForTwo's £6,775.


Production version?:



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