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For about 7-8 hours, I have been facing problems accessing many of the Chinese car sites, including AutoHome, PCAuto, Ifeng, BitAuto, Xcar, Auto Sohu, and CNEV. Sometimes only the text loads, but the images do not because the image server could not connect. Sometimes there is a blank page. Then I tried overseas proxy servers, but I had mixed results (successful and unsuccessful). I tried changing DNS servers to some from China itself, but still got mixed results. Sometimes a site worked, a few minutes later, it did not. This happened, as I said, with many of the sites. This is not happening with sites in the Western Hemisphere or even with Japanese or South Korean sites. Let me add that I have connections from two ISPs, so this is not a problem with any ISP.

Anybody experienced such problems today?

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By the way I'll try to enter on that websites that you've mentioned and I'll upload the screenshots soon as possible.
When accessing BitAuto at 14:36 (local time in Argentina), occurred me this:

Accessed to and nothing bad happened. The webpage was normal.

Accessed to and the site was no working.

Accesed to and was working good.
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