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Few days ago, there was a ceremony held by Ao Ling auto factory to sell 100 Foton Times light trucks to Ling Long Rubber Company, Shandong. This revealed the impact and good credit standing of Foton Times.

It was said that the Rubber Company purchased these trucks to encourage its distribution stores. Their made their decisions after the all round market research. As one of the nine main brand of Foton, Times light trucks set a goal for itself that to offer the best first choice transport vehicle between cities and countries. They never stop innovating and servicing and unremittingly offer the best products and services for the light truck customers. They have ranked the top one in light truck field at nation wide. All these are the reasons for Rubber Company to buy the 100 trucks.

In the ceremony, Ao Ling factory promised that Ling Long Rubber Company is not only our cooperator but also our customer, and we ensure the best product we offered, and they will enjoy the carefree journey.
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