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We are pleased to announce we will be implementing a new method to send out site newsletters. The new newsletter will have a cleaner template and will be sent to participating forum members once a week. We have added an example below of how it will look. This change will not have any negative impact to current newsletters and will not lead to any site downtime. If you have any questions please post them below.

Thank you

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This seems to be a departure from what I always thought of as a dedicated site, devoted to the Chinese auto industry.
That is there are lots of unrelated categories shown here.
Over the years I have come to appreciate the hard work of webmasters, administrators, and participants, for their sincere and hard work to make it the best, and most reliable site for reporting on China's emerging culture of cars.
Thank you.

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@Lawrence, that newsletter image is only a sample or template, representative of a newsletter format that will be sent out to willing subscribers. For different VerticalScope-run forums, content will be taken from that particular forum itself, and it will be sort of a "digest" for those who do not or cannot log in regularly.
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