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It's been like two weeks since you wanted to PM me, lol. Just reply to this post until you have enough posts to send PMs.
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DOHC_Holiday, thanks very much for remembering, and your consideration. I have mostly had my questions answered by others, but thanks very much for your consideration once again. I should have posted enough to pm you soon, as for AIM, I am considering obtaining an account at the moment.
Leon_Ville said: for AIM, I am considering obtaining an account at the moment.
It's worth it. What service did you say most people people used outside the US? I need to get that.

And who said this was just about you? I wanna hear about cars in th UK. My grandmother was born in Cheltenham, and I have always been fascinated with England. If I put a blue pinstripe on my Nissan, it would be Aston Villa colors.:cool:
Most people outside the US use windows live messenger, however, yahoo messnger is also very popular, and contacts on both these messengers are able to talk to each other which is a big plus. You should have told me you wanted to speak to me about cars in the UK earlier, then I would have replied much sooner.I am 18 years of age, and won't know too much about the classics or many motors in the past, but I'll be more than happy to answer questions on motoring in the UK today and miscellaneous questions about the UK if you want.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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