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attractive RED FLAT concept ~_~|

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Maybe you dont know RED FLAT MOTOR automaker,but the first chinese car was made by it~(about 1950s)

I got these pictures by accident,at first I think they are attractive,but then I know it's not real to make cars this style...

Do you like them? :p
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尊 means "high social standing" in english~
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敏 means "dexterity & speed" in english
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凌 means "swift and fierce" in english
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豪 means "grand & heroic" in english
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I think those look really nice actually. They actually have a company design that shows itself in each car. Very nice. That's unlike the vast majority of Chinese companies that seem to just copy others' styles.

Unfortunately, it seems that FAW is not very aggressive in pushing the Hongqi brand. That is a shame because it is China's first car. They should really push it and improve it, make it a luxury brand. I also think they should really preserve a specific company style for their cars.
Wow, those car's don't look half bad! Btw, chinese manufacturers and going to have to learn alot about vehicle naming... "grand and heroic" isn't going to fly very well as a car name in the United States. :D
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