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Auto Shanghai 2007 ::Debuts Expected Thread::

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Date April 22 2007 - April 28 2007
Venue Shanghai New International Expo Center
2345 Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai.

Expected Debuts:

All new Skoda Superb (guess)
Santana 3000 (rumoured)
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Geely's design house

Thanks Laofan again for keeping us in the vanguard.... of new developments.

When I looked at the first two coupes I saw a mere rehash of the Beauty Leopard, i.e. a different nose and tail.
And then the third drawing made me nod with approval, looking more like the imaginative lines seen in the Jin'gang LG-1. But as you said, not a Geely product afterall. So unfortunately it doesn't look like the Jin'gang designer has had input on any of these models....too bad.
While Chery is keeping Bertone and Torino busy, and Brilliance is doing the same with Pininfarina...I wonder who is behind these Geely designs?

Let's hope they all look better in the flesh.
That huge gap between the bumper's upper edge and front fender is also a problem on the Roewe model. It seems to be more severe on the right side than the left. In any case I'm betting it can produce some irritating wind noises at 100kph.


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Thanks for the nice photos Raul....
Looks like Geely is doing a nice job with the Grace Manganese taxi. The boot gaps could be a bit better though and in the next go around, I hope they will consider eliminating the painted beading, between front bumper and fender. It's both costly to install and causes headaches during and after assembly.
Does the VM badge refer to VM Motori of Italy? Is it one of their diesels?
mgrovernut said:
..Btw anyone else think that Geely looked like a modern day Edsel?
Yes, I agree Rovernut.
That updated Beauty Leopard fascia does resemble a bulky, overweight version of the Edsel. Seems that Geely has been good at outsourcing for powertrain and chassis help but it really needs help with body design. Any thoughts on this?
btw I'm not referring to the taxi here; it's fine and in a class of its own...
1 - 4 of 79 Posts
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